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We are a family company with long experience in the building branch.

NBC-Group was established in 2019 with the aim to create more work for us in the Nordic countries and also to be the leading company for our Nordic businesses. In Finland, we have done projects thru our other companies for a longer time. 


We are specialised in the wooden building market. We are supporting and using wood as our main material for the ecological factors. We believe wood will be the building material of the future with its great attribute to be used in a wide range of different constructions.

We have been building Finnish lamella log houses now for about 10 years. The quality of the material and the knowledge we acquired thru the years is an asset for us. NBC-Group now builds residential and commercial buildings in Norway. We use our cooperation partner Finnlamelli Oy as the material producer. We also have partners in Norway that ensure that the quality of building process is on a high level. Mentioning Til-Huset As as our main partner in Norway. Til-Huset As is selling the building to the customer.

In our team, we have a wide range of different professions. We have carpenters, civil engineers and lawyers. This build-up means we can carry the project safely to finish on every part of the process. Also mentioning that we are from west-Finland and actually have Swedish as our native language. So we speak Finnish, Swedish and English fluently.

Our aim for the future is to be a major building company with high standards in quality for management and work. We aim to be part of bigger construction projects with innovative solutions and wood as the main material. The materials we believe in for the future is lamella log, Clt, solid wood, glulaminated wood and other wooden components.

We do also cooperate with private landowners. We can offer solutions that help the landowner to get a better profit on the land they intend to build on.  We can offer management and the possibility of financing. Our key is to cooperate closely with the landowner, make it an valuable project for both parts and get a better profit for the landowner and for us. 

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